Dr. Stuart Shanker concludes season 1 of The Shanker Chronicles Podcast by deep-diving into the most urgent issue of all – the REAL threat to democracy. From advertisement to politics, sugar, Netflix, and Facebook, Dr. Shanker explores the power the psychology of reasoning and data science has over society and democracy.

Join Dr. Shanker at this season finale, as he shares the true meaning of freedom and the real goal of Self-Reg.

0:00 Intro

0:36 Looking Back

4:09 American Tobacco Company

8:52 “Instead of a dessert, reach for a cigarette!”

11:05 The “Green” Campaign

13:04 Manipulated Consumers

16:29 The Psychology of Reasoning

20:05 Data Science – Netflix Vs. The Wrong Hands

34:50 Freedom – The Ability to Choose

39:42 Trump Campaign – Data Science Masterpiece

42:52 Cambridge Analytica

48:34 Political Lying Isn’t New

51:30 Familiarity is Red Brain. Truth is Blue Brain.

53:17 Summary – The Important Insight

58:19 The Real Goal of Self-Reg

The Netflix Technology Blog – https://netflixtechblog.com

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