In this episode, Dr. Stuart Shanker puts judgment aside and attempts to understand the dynamics that the Anti-Vax movement has created. He explores this topic by reviewing its history, social, emotional, and health implications.

Dr. Shanker explains how people of all sides of any debate can become more curious, listen and understand each other better by reaching the blue-brain state that allows for learning to occur.

The College of Physicians of Philadelphia published a great piece on this “History of Anti-Vaccination Movements”:

0:00 Intro

0:35 The Better We Understand

2:05 The Situation at Hand

5:36 A Self-Reg Lens

8:15 Why I Wonder This

11:55 Smallpox Anti-Vax Movement

17:40 Eradication! But…

20:59 MMR Anti-Vax Movement

25:50 Infomation Vs. Attitudes

30:13 5 Features of Anti-Vax Movement

33:50 “Denialism” as Ego Defence

39:15 Shame

44:23 Summary – Red Brain Issue

52:03 Outro

Article by Jena & Worsham (NYT Dec 22 2021):

Leon Seltzer made an interesting point in this regard: “I regard most shameless behaviour as a cover-up for deeper feelings of shame, which the individual is either too scared or too defended to confront.”

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