In this episode, Dr. Stuart Shanker overtly unpacks the ever-growing attitude – shamelessness. He reviews the attitude’s largest influence sources, from politics to business leaders, provides examples from significant historical events, and explores whether it is narcissistic behaviour or not.

Join Dr. Shanker as he applies a Self-Reg lens on shamelessness and shares the neurological, social, and emotional impact it has on people all around the world.

0:00 Intro

0:35 Shamelessness is Growing

2:32 Weaponizing Shamelessness

6:12 The Impact

9:20 Narcissism?

12:41 The Roots – The Cold War

19:51 Fighting Fire With Fire

25:00 Nixon – “Use Any Means! Is That Clear?”

33:20 Trump – Power Becomes The Goal

35:36 Morality Shift

41:52 Cohesion Vs. Terror

48:41 So Are Shameless Leaders Narcissists?

51:13 Summary – “We Must Resist That Temptation”

56:49 Outro

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